Duke Forest Geologic Field Guide - Durham, NC Area


This walking field trip consists of an approximate 3.5 mile hike through the NCDENR Division of Water Quality - Aquifer Protection Section - Resource Evaluation Program (REP) Duke Forest Groundwater Research Station site in Orange County.  The Duke Forest Groundwater Research station was installed to study the groundwater quality and hydrogeologic characteristics of metavolcanic and metaplutonic rocks within the Hyco Formation of the Carolina terrane with particular interest to the naturally occurring groundwater contaminants of arsenic, radium and radon.  Detailed geologic data collected as part of the NC Geological Survey STATEMAP funded mapping program were used to site the groundwater well clusters and are being used to help interpret geological and hydrogeochemical data from the site.

This walking field trip starts from the parking area at Gate 23 of Korstian Division of Duke Forest off of Mt. Sinai Road.  A topographic map with stop locations is provided in Figure 1.  A geologic map of the research site is provided in Figure 2. To avoid becoming lost or disoriented it is recommended that the companion map be referenced frequently during the hike.

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Reference for field trip guide:

Bradley, P.J., Skidmore, L., Hanna, H.D, Bolich, R., and Davis, T., 2009, Geologic and Hydrogeologic Field Trip Guide to the Duke Forest Groundwater Research Station Site in Orange County, AEG Carolinas Section Fall Field Trip – October 10, 2009, p. 42.